Trinity Park

Trinity Park

These two older in town neighborhoods sit north of Brightleaf Square a still trendy shopping area on the western edge of Downtown. Brightleaf Square was one of the first redevelopment projects that took historic brick tobacco warehouses and turned them in to unique shopping, dining and office space.

Trinity Park is west of Duke’s east campus while Watts/Hillendale is north and west of 9th St. Very few homes in these neighborhoods actually are big enough to qualify as true luxury homes. Much to the chagrin of Realtors like me, many of the homes that come on the market are never listed on MLS. An unintentional exclusivity has sort of been created through neighborhood listservs where an owner can mention the possible sale of their property and immediately get several inquiries.

The close sense of community that has developed with active neighborhood associations more than offsets any concern about safety. Even the fast flowing Duke and Gregson Streets and Club Blvd. don’t take way from the attractiveness of these neighborhoods. Many of the homes are in easy walking distance to the restaurants and shopping at Brightleaf Square and 9th Street. Because of the high demand homes in these neighborhoods sell quickly and usually at a premium.

Brightleaf Square

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