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Hope Valley

Of the three primary country club neighborhoods in Durham, Hope Valley is the oldest and most established. One of my earliest memories of Durham was a lunch in the dining room of the Hope Valley Country Club with my two new bosses-to-be. The window I was facing had a view of one of the greens on the Donald Ross designed golf course. I lost all track of what they were telling me as a tee shot landed on the green and rolled to within a few feet of the hole.

It seemed a little magical and a good omen and the quiet elegance of the room more than offset the not so great impression the run down downtown had left me with. Hope Valley was initially laid out over 80 years ago purposely beyond the trolley line to discourage those without automobiles from settling there.

There are about 930 households in the community and besides the club it has an active neighborhood association. There has been some concern recently among homeowners that the character of the neighborhood could become compromised, so an appearance committee has undertaken such tasks as restoring the antique street signs. The association is also well on the way to having the neighborhood included on the National Register of Historic Places.

Homes have been built in many styles but mostly traditional. A few rather ordinary ranches found there way into the community but the scarcity and value of the lots has resulted in a few extravagant renovations with additions and even a few tear-downs. During the late 80’s some additional land opened up and New Hope Valley was created on the northern edge of the community. As the landscaping has matured in this section it has blended in quite nicely with Old Hope Valley.

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