Resources in Durham

DPAC_AerialUse this page as a gateway to lots of additional information about the community. Many of these sites will have other links that will help you further explore the community. If you have a specific question about a neighborhood, organization, or the community in general use the contact form to drop me a note and I will respond as quickly as I can.

The Durham-Herald Sun

THE newspaper in Durham. Their website has recently been updated with a fresh new look, better navigation and some evolving features for gathering community content from subscribers. A good source for the latest news affecting the community. The link is here.

The Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau

Convention and Visitors Bureaus are often about what they call “destination marketing.” The DCVB  goes beyond tha and bills itself as Durham’s official marketing agency and they take the role very seriously. Their site contains a wealth of information about the cultural resources in the community. The DCVB has also taken the lead role in promoting Durham’s image positively.  They maintain several sites and programs along those line.

This is one site worth exploring (besides this one) if you are contemplating a move to Durham. Click here.

The Durham Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is a membership organization of businesses that focus on economic development. The Chamber’s site therefore emphasizes their role in attracting businesses, workforce development and public policy. However, like the Convention and Visitors Bureau it has lots of information and links to other sites that give a good picture of lifestyle and living in Durham.Visit the Chamber’s website here.

Downtown Durham, Inc.

After chairing a Chamber committee on downtown revitalization for a couple of years back in the 80’s I had the privilege of being on the founding board of DDI and serving as the chair of the marketing committee for several years. DDI has been a strong unifying force that can claim a lot of the credit for the revitalization of Downtown that now makes Durham so attractive.

The main website is here.

Find Your Cool – A video blog about Downtown Durham

Durham Public Schools

While downtown revitalization was getting underway, the community also began the painful process of merging the two school systems in the county. The resulting system is rapidly making up ground and is now often recognized nationally as chronicled in posts occasionally here on this site.

The school system website is generally pretty good and includes information about individual schools including test scores and, in many cases, school websites. One note of caution, though. The website did have a functioning feature that let you put in an address and get what attendance zones the address was in for elementary, middle and high schools. However, that is not functioning anymore and the best way to get that information is to call the assignment office at 919 560-2059.  The system has generally maintained a fairly liberal “transfer” policy for students living in one zone but wanting to attend school in another.

Besides traditional schools the system also has a number of magnet programs that put it at the forefront of preparing students for 21st century workforce jobs the emerging industries in the Triangle region.

The Durham Public School System website is here.

School scores from the State of North Carolina can be found here.

Additional third party information about Durham schools including private schools is available from via the community link in the sidebar or here.

Duke University

Durham is not a college town in the same sense as Chapel Hill but Duke still plays a huge role in the community in jobs creation, economic development, health care and cultural amenities.  Duke’s website is a good portal to many of the resources they bring to the community. For information on the Medical Center click here. For Duke’s primary sports portal click here.

North Carolina Central University

NCCU is Durham’s 100 year old Historically Black University (HBU) but that distinction does not do justice to its growing role in the community, the region and the State. As part of the University of North Carolina system it has carved out a niche in biotechnology and biotechnology education. It also has an outstanding law school and an emerging business school. NCCU also has many outreach programs especially in the K-12 educational area, workforce development in cooperation with 8 regional community colleges, and economic development along the Fayetteville Street corridor that runs through the campus. With their athletic teams also moving to Division 1-A, NCCU is poised to be both the fourth important research university in the triangle and the fourth college sports powerhouse. Get more information here.

Durham Technical Community College

Durham Tech has long been an important contributor to workforce development and an important plus for companies considering locating here.  But besides becoming an important stepping stone into the jobs being created in the region it is also becoming an important and affordable stepping stone to more advanced degrees at four year colleges. Get more information here.


There are literally hundreds of other sites I could recommend but here are a few of my favorites. With these and Google or Bing you can find just about anything you want in Durham…but please return here when you want a good REALTOR.

The Durham Arts Council

The Museum of Life and Science

Bull City Rising

Durham Cares

The Durham Rotary Club