OK. Homer isn’t real. Homer is my alter ego. I’m the one that really works at Home Depot. I first got into real estate doing renovations on a town house that I flipped. Getting my brokers license was a way to control the cost and marketing of the homes I flipped. It worked out fine as long as the housing market was doing well. Knowing something about construction helped in my real estate career. When I started I was the only one in my office who would climb under a house with a home inspector and I usually knew what I was looking at.

When times got tough, my experience also helped me get a part time job at Home Depot. Ironically, it has also taught me something about real estate and I’ve helped many Home Depot customers get their homes ready for sale. Recently as a blogger/webmaster for this site I’ve become a Home Depot affiliate. This means that if you click through to Home Depot from this site from links in various posts and ads in the sidebars it pays me a small commission for anything that you buy online that day. If you enjoy this site and occasionally learn something from it I hope you will use the site as a gateway to the Home Depot site.  Most real estate agents have to hustle to pay the bills these days and I’m no exception.