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The Springtree Manifesto

Promoting Durham by Promoting its Homes…and vice versa.

Our agenda has two closely related goals. First and foremost is the promotion of Durham as the most interesting and beautiful place to live in the Triangle.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Chamber do a marvelous job of promoting Durham but they don’t solely represent the residential real estate perspective and they aren’t totally free from the pressures of diverse support and membership bases. There is room for another voice.

No problem with politics here at Springtree and it leaves us free to comment as strongly as we feel. And we will.

Marketing Durham as Part of Home Marketing

This modest little blog won’t have much impact by itself unless it reminds/inspires/goads/shames other Realtors into promoting Durham neighborhoods and the community through their listings.  Durham gets a little less than 20% of the home sales in the four county area of Wake, Durham, Orange and Chatham. It should get more. With the market in flux, now is the opportunity to grab a bigger share with better marketing.

When the economy was booming with easier money and more and more new buyers entering the market every day, real estate agents focused their marketing efforts on finding clients. Marketing homes took a back seat. As the owner of this company I was as guilty as anyone.

Times have indeed changed and now those who adopt better home marketing practices will succeed and lead the recovery of the housing market. You don’t have to look far to  spot trends that will eventually be the norm. For example, more use of video to promote properties, especially unique and high end homes. It’s already happening on the west coast and we’re seeing the beginning of it here.

But it’s also in the small things like better copy writing, better photography, and the better use of social media.

It took a while, but Durham grabbed the initiative from complacent competition to its east and became the entertainment center of the Triangle and the foodie capital of North Carolina, if not the whole Southeast.

While the opportunity still exists to promote these advantages, now is the time for Durham to lead the region in home marketing.

And this is how it comes full circle.

Location, Location, Location

Everybody agrees that the three most important things in real estate are location, location and location. Everybody says that but it is often totally ignored it in the marketing of homes. We’re not going to let that happen anymore.

Is a tired mid-century ranch in Duke Forest better than one in Cary?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

You’re ten minutes to everything! Duke, Downtown, Nana’s, DBAP, DPAC, Breweries, SouthPoint, the airport, I-40, I-85, RTP…everything good about the Triangle. And could the neighborhood be more beautiful?

And it goes beyond that. With less drama and, OK,  a stumble now and then, Durham finds itself with good schools, responsible and responsive government, good public services and literally hundreds of organizations working to make it better.

Durham is the best place to live in the Triangle and anyone marketing a home in Durham should be making that perfectly clear to everyone considering moving to the area to retire, to work at Duke or RTP, to relocate a company, or otherwise to look for opportunity and a good life.

Go Durham!