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by Jay on February 12, 2011

Recently a client asked me to help her pick out a new kitchen faucet. I was in the neighborhood so I visited my local Home Depot to see if I could get some help from my friend Homer. If you follow the blog you know that like a lot of other real estate agents Homer has had to find part time work to fill in some budget gaps.  He claims that it also keeps him out of trouble but I think he’s really been enjoying the camaraderie of the other guys who work for Home Depot.

I was a little disappointed when I didn’t see him right away on the plumbing aisle. His buddy Steve was there high on a ladder getting some faucets from the “overhead” to fill some holes on the display.

“Hey,” he shouted down, “check over in appliances…he’s over there today.”

Appliances is just a couple of aisles away and sure enough there he was at the little stand-up appliances desk working on one of the computers.

“What are you doing over here?” I asked.

“Well, it’s a long story that won’t make sense to you, but it looks like this is where I might be spending most of my time…little as it is.”

“Wadda ‘ya mean.”

“This is the slow part of the year, so hours for part timers usually shrink after Christmas.  I’m OK though, I’ve actually been pretty busy with real estate and have had a couple of closings in the last month. Real paychecks.”

“Well that’s good, ” I said, “do you like it over here in Appliances?”

“I guess I should be happy about it. Since we don’t stock many appliances in the store, there’s not as much time spent filling holes on the shelves and that kind of thing but I am having to learn a special appliance ordering system and some bizarro special ordering procedures. Appliances are big purchases so you don’t see as many customers over here sometimes. It can get a little boring.”

“Can you still help me find a faucet?”

“Oh sure. I’d go nuts if I couldn’t help out in the other areas when I’m not needed here. What are you looking for?”

“Well, actually I have a client that wants a specific Delta kitchen faucet. I didn’t see it over there on the faucet aisle. Steve was up on a ladder so I thought I would come find you instead of bothering him.”

Homer laughed, “You know,” he said, “I don’t know why people just don’t go to the HD web site and order some of these things online if they know exactly what they want. It can be a lot easier. ”

“That’s not good for your store, is it? Don’t you want people to come in?”

“Sure, and one of the fun things about the job is being able to help people decide or just reassuring them that they can do something.  Maybe my perspective is different, but it’s amazing how many highly educated people don’t have a clue how their toilets work.  Oh, and my understanding is that we get credit for anything sold online in our market area.”

“Is that true with appliances too?”

“What do you mean, ordering online?”

“Ah, yeah.”

“Absolutely. In fact, the appliances are delivered from the same warehouse by the same people. The delivery and the installation of things like refrigerators and washers and dryers, is still free. There are some things that we stock in the store, like toilets, that you save money by coming in and taking home yourself. You save delivery charges.

“Why don’t people ever tell you this stuff?”

“Ah, come on man, nobody cares about it until they need something.  Here we are, two grown men talking about buying toilets when a revolution is going on in Egypt.”

“Well, that’s true…and Duke beat Carolina.”

“Let’s not go there. Seriously though, that’s one reason that they still hire guys like me. We can add a little bit to the process by having information the average shopper doesn’t use every day. How many holes does your client have in her sink?”

“Excuse me…for what?”

“Mounting the faucet.”

“Oh, do you need to know that?”


” I have a feeling she picked this one out without knowing that. I’m glad I came into the store this time. I’ll have to get back to ya.”

“Any time, Pal. Glad to help. This is why they pay us the big bucks. Oh, by the way right now you can save Up to 25% on Select Appliances. Online Only. .

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