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Home for the Holidays

by Alberta on December 30, 2009

Jay is a bit of a “bah humbug” sort of guy…or so he says. But get a couple of glasses of sherry in him and he’ll tell you about the most memorable Christmas of his childhood when he got his first full sized two wheeler at 10 when  John and Margaret didn’t have a nickle to spare. Or when he gave his daughter a puppy they called Doozie. Or the Christmas he wrote about here on the blog when he got Dusty. It is so funny seeing a big guy like him…and he is BIG…and a little white fluffy dog.

Anyway, somewhere along the line, he seems to have got fed-up with the hoopla around Christmas. He’ll tell anyone who will listen that you eat too much, drink too much, spend too much and it’s usually cold on top of everything. The man does not like cold.

So, he’s left it to me to come up with a holiday message. The truth is, I’m pretty much in the same place except a little too much eating and drinking once in a while is good for the soul, I think.  When I finally got the grand-kids to stop giving me those ridiculous Precious Moments figurines they kept whining about wanting to give me something.  When I moved to this area a few years ago I had to get rid of so much crap that had come into my possession over the years that I vowed not to fill up my brand new closets with junk that I couldn’t even remember getting again.

The result was Auntie Al’s Christmas Fund for Dogs and Cats. Whatever we collect we give to the shelter to help pay adoption fees for ugly strays and widowed dogs that are turned into the shelter. I don’t really know what they do with the money but the thought of helping the faithful companions of folks that have died or are too sick to keep them really appealed to the kids.  We come up with a couple of hundred every year and it seems to be appreciated by the good folks at the Durham shelter and APS. I was telling Mr. Z about it and he took back the tin of cookies he was re-gifting to me and handed me a twenty.  He went off mumbling and I swear there was a tear in his eye. The APS site is here if you want to start your own fund.

I’ve been to the Orange County Animal Shelter too when my friend Deb  wanted to adopt a kitten.  Bella was destined to a short miserable life hunting rodents in a ditch until she was brought to the shelter and Deb took her in. The Friends of the Orange County Shelter have their own website and could use some help too. Mr. Z lost his pretty kitty Bix in 2009.  She was 20 years old but he’s not ready to replace her yet.

Anyone expecting something about real estate or buying and selling homes in Durham is probably disappointed in this post…or maybe not.  It says something good about the people in community that they make these efforts to find homes for all the dogs and cats and ferrets and other things that show up on the doorsteps of shelters.  Have a good new year everyone.

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