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Good News for Durham

by Jay on July 16, 2009

There are two things I’m very proud of in terms of my involvement in the community over the years. The first was the small role I played in the late 80’s in downtown revitalization getting Downtown Durham, Inc. off the ground with a coherent marketing theme. During that same time frame as the Marketing Director of CCB I was on the founding board of the Durham Public Education Network and through them developed with the bank’s sponsorship an annual banquet event honoring the teachers of the year from Durham’s two school systems. Both the bank and DPEN are  gone now but they were instrumental in leading the business community’s involvement and support of the school system.

Yes, for you newbies to Durham, there used to be two schools systems. Without rehashing the whole history of how the systems were finally merged and slowly began to overcome the legacy of diluted resources and political jockeying, it is fair to say that the schools’ reputation did nothing to enhance the Durham real estate market .
With that small piece of background information in mind it is especially gratifying to see what progress the current school system is making. The link here or through the image above will take you to a press release from DPS about progress that has been made in test scores throughout the system. This is particularly heartening because there is still a lot of “catch-up” going on which means that we have some principals and teachers that are doing really extraordinary work. I think that it is also a sign that as a factor on whether to live in Durham or one of the surrounding communities, DPS  has moved beyond being a negative to, at worst, being neutral and showing real evidence of being a positive.

The school system’s own communications efforts have also done much to pull the lagging reputation closer to the current reality. In those bad ol’ days two true pros, Tony Habit with the county system and Teresa Damiano with the city system struggled with few resources to shine a light on the good things that were going on even then.  I know. My daughter was a student during this rocky period. Although both Tony and Teresa have gone on to bigger and better things, I’m sure they would both be proud of the legacy they helped establish.

It is vitally important to Durham and its housing market that all its real estate professionals study these numbers and use them to promote our community. Even in very tough times like these we cannot afford to backslide on the community support of the effort of DPS to educate our children.

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